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No 6 percent commission.

Hello Current or Future California Resident.

Have you ever heard of a real estate broker/agent being rewarded for the amount of money they save their clients in commissions? If not, you haven't heard about List4Less™ Real Estate!

We list and sell homes throughout California for a flat rate of just 3.95%. That's right. Just 3.95% total broker commissions, regardless of selling price and paid only when your homes sells and NO HIDDEN COSTS!

Before I became a real estate broker, I had listed five homes over the years through local brokers/agents. I was frustrated with the outrageous commissions I paid. The service they performed was almost the same regardless of whether a home was valued at $200,000 or $500,000, but the 6% traditional commissions I paid was very different between the two values...at $200,000 the 6% commission is $12,000. A home sold at $500,000, the traditional 6% commission is $30,000. As my daughter would say... "What's up with that?"

Typically, brokers and agents are rewarded, and recognized by their peers, on the commissions they bring in to their office. The last real estate agent I hired, before I became a broker, bragged about being a "Top Producer" in her office of 50+ agents. In a competitive society, there was something really wrong with the traditional real estate business model...I thought "there must be a better way.

So, I decided to start my own real estate company. A company where I would turn traditional real estate upside down!

I started List4Less™ Real Estate! We do things differently and we do things the same way...here's how... We reward our team of Realtors® on the amount of money they save our clients! Our company is truly team oriented. We provide complete real estate services, with significant savings on commissions. How can we afford to do this? Simple...we list and sell a lot of homes!

Each home we list for sale is run through a special 12-point program that maximizes exposure and draws buyers to your home. This includes...entry into the MLS®, local advertising, open houses, attractive yard signs, well-designed and attractive home specification flyers (including professional grade home photos), website and Internet search engine marketing, promotions to other Realtor agents and offices, plus much, much more!

This program provides a comprehensive real estate marketing plan for your property...AND...you won't pay anything unless your home sells. Finally, you won't be locked into a lengthy listing contract!

So, I invite you to break from tradition, save a lot of money, and put your trust in List4Less Real Estate to sell your home.

"Turning Traditional Real Estate...Upside Down!"™

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and explore the benefits of having List4Less™ Real Estate handle all of your real estate needs. Whether or not we represent you as your listing broker or buying broker, we wish you good fortune!


John Yonan
Broker / Owner - California Bureau of Real Estate License #01328568